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UTS: Jumbunna

UTS has a bold vision to be a world-leading university of technology. We're known for our industry focus, practice-based teaching and learning, real world research and our location. With state-of-the-art campuses and facilities, we’re preparing students to become global thinkers, leaders and innovators.

The Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research supports the academic, social, cultural and emotional well being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UTS. Our vision is to create a place where all Indigenous Australians can access education and be supported to succeed.

Jumbunna Pathways Program - Direct Entry

The Jumbunna Pathways Program is an entry system that allows you to demonstrate your capacity for higher education. Places into a UTS degrees are awarded through the program based on your own merit. Find out more and complete your application online for the Jumbunna Pathways Program. On completion of the program, recommendations will be provided for one of the following:

  1. Direct entry to UTS undergraduate degree
  2. Unistart pathway program
  3. Insearch pathway program
  4. TAFE or further preparation

Applications are now open for the Jumbunna Pathways Program.

Contact us

Find out about courses, support needs, scholarships, research opportunities or anything else about life at UTS.
Tower Building 1, Level 6
9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday
1800 064 312


NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Service manages Warruwi Gambling Help program.

Our Goal is to minimise harm caused by gambling to individuals, families and communities.

The Warruwi Gambling Help program consists of 6 key functions, they are:

  • Education - Deliver Aboriginal Gambling Information Workshops
  • Awareness – Participate in local and regional events
  • Community Engagement - Build relationships and work with local services
  • Help - To provide a free 1800 phone service for support, education, referrals and information
  • Action - Facilitate the development of local community strategies
  • Cultural Awareness - To provide cultural support, training and direction for Gambling Counselling Services

For more information, please visit our website:

Any questions or concerns our details as follows:
Ashley Gordon: 0409 245 597

Special Offer: If you would like $500 for your KO team next year then email or call Ashley Gordon, together we can organise a yarn in your community.


The AES is a national Aboriginal recruitment company that has been changing lives for over 20 years.
Working at the AES will give you incredible opportunities to get involved in high impact work whilst being supported in your own development and career goals.

The AES empowers people through employment and training in turn supporting self-determination, self-belief and self-satisfaction. Through breaking down barriers, building relationships and breaking the mould on standard recruitment models we lead through innovation.

We don’t see a job as a job. A job is the start of a career which is the start of a life changing opportunity. This can create independence, stability and increased wealth for people and families.

We achieve great results through the following Key Business Drivers:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Mentoring
  • Group Training (Traineeships/Apprenticeships)
  • Labour Hire
  • Workforce Development
  • Consultancy

‘KNOCK OUT A NEW CAREER’ today. Visit to find your nearest AES office.
Connect with us on Facebook @ Aboriginal Employment Strategy or call us on 1300 855 347


Since 1996, Yerin has been providing primary health care to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on the Central Coast of NSW. Yerin is a community controlled Aboriginal Health Service and provides health care services in a culturally safe environment.

Yerin is the supporting organisation for the Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre, a medical centre for the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Yerin is responsible for securing funding for the Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre and providing the centre with administration support. This allows the staff of the Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre to focus on providing quality, culturally appropriate health services to our community.

The Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre provides medical services to our community through our Doctors, Primary Health Nurses, Aboriginal Health Practitioners, Psychologists, Early Childhood Nurses and Mid-Wives and a range of Allied Health Specialists.

Yerin also provides a range of other services to our clients

  • Supporting clients to engage with and navigate the mainstream health system
  • Advocating for clients in the mainstream health system
  • Transporting clients to and from appointments
  • Helping clients manage their chronic health issues
  • Working with clients to improve their wellbeing (lifestyle and mental health)
  • Empowering clients to quit smoking, drink less alcohol and stop using drugs
  • Working with families to give our kids the best start in life.

Take Blaktion

STI testing is a normal part of a healthy sex life

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are more common than ever before and they can have lasting health impacts. Plus, anyone who’s had unprotected sex could have one.

The good news? Many STIs are easy to treat if you diagnose them early.

In the past, people thought testing was too shame or expensive (which isn’t true). But it’s great to see more young people are stepping up and getting tested as a way to take control of their health and their futures.

How to book an STI test

Join them, and ask for an STI test next time you see your GP or find your nearest clinic

Aboriginal Housing Office

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) is a statutory body established under the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW) to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have access to affordable, quality housing.

We work in partnership with housing providers and Indigenous organisations to deliver effective policy and standards across four key performance areas:

The AHO has four offices, including a head office in Parramatta, and three regional offices located in Coffs Harbour, Dubbo and Sydney.