Warruwi Gambling Help

Warruwi Gambling Help

Our Goal is to minimise the harm caused by gambling to individuals, families and communities.

NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Service manages Warruwi Gambling Help program. The Organisation is an Aboriginal owned service which has 100% Aboriginal staff. The Warruwi Gambling Help program consists of 6 key functions, they are:

  • Education – Deliver Aboriginal Gambling Information Workshops
  • Awareness – Increase the awareness of gambling and harm caused to community, families, and individuals.
  • Community Engagement – Build relationships and work with local services plus identify Aboriginal Safe Gambling Ambassadors in each community.
  • Help – To provide a free 1800 phone service for support, education, referrals and information
  • Action – Facilitate the development of local Community Strategies and Community Grants program
  • Cultural Awareness – To provide cultural support, training and direction for Gambling Counselling Services

Our Objectives

  • To raise community awareness about gambling, related issues and local interventions for Aboriginal people
  • To provide information on local gambling-related issues and how they can be addressed
  • To provide information to local gambling services, including community engagement, consultation and client support
  • To provide opportunities for Aboriginal Community members & service providers to talk about gambling issues and impacts on their families.
  • Encourage the discussion and acknowledgment of gambling and related problems as an important issue within the Aboriginal community
  • Provide information about gambling interventions and available services
  • Facilitate collaboration between local stakeholders in Aboriginal and mainstream settings through cultural awareness discussions and strategies

For more information, please visit our website: www.aboriginalsafegambling.com.au

Any questions or concerns our details as follows:

Email: warruwi@optusnet.com.au

Ashley Gordon: 0409 245 597