KARI – Helping Support Aboriginal Communities

Helping Support Aboriginal Communities since 1999

KARI is one of the largest Aboriginal community services and the largest Aboriginal foster care agency in Australia. KARI’s educational and community programs strive to provide community members with ongoing support, self-confidence and hope for a prosperous future. These programs allow us to support the growth of flourishing Aboriginal communities.

KARI provides Aboriginal community support and cultural preservation initiatives.

Our main mission is to build strength in families through the provision of quality Aboriginal community support services. Our vision is to help Aboriginal families, youth and communities flourish.

Seven core values guide KARI’s work in the community:

  • Innovation | Review everything you do and seek ways to improve both the process and the outcome.
  • Access | KARI services are made available to all Aboriginal people in a community.
  • Professionalism | Always strive to offer the highest possible standard of service, on time, as promised – we are all accountable for keeping our promise.
  • Strength through Culture | Aboriginal people should experience the culture as a living reality, bringing with it a sense of identity and confidence.
  • Respect | Everyone deserves to be respected; we will speak openly, honestly, and always respectfully.
  • Unity of Purpose | On any professional issues that arise, we work together and speak with one voice. We also seek out new community partnerships to achieve Aboriginal goals.
  • Excellence | Every day, we provide the best possible standards of service and every day, we strive to be the benchmark provider of quality services to Aboriginal people.

KARI Limited offers the following Indigenous services:

KARI Foundation, our partnerships wing, offers the following Indigenous initiatives:

To find out more about what is available visit our website at

https://www.kari.org.au/about-kari-aboriginal-services// or contact our team at

community.programs@kari.org.au or 02 8782 0300.